In communities around the world valuable water resources are being stressed by inefficient use and poor land management practices.  Simple and pragmatic water harvesting methods exist to curb water consumption, treat and reuse polluted water, and rehabilitate watersheds at varying scales.  These methods are dependent on a common reverence for water and its inherent value for all living things.
The Rainwater Resource Partnership was established to share and innovate water harvesting methods on the recognition that the care and management of water resources should be a shared and communal responsibility.  Our goal is to build skills, increase capacity, and expand job opportunities in the regenerative economy.
The Rainwater Resource Partnership is a collective of water harvesting professionals.  It was formed to bring together wide ranging technical expertise in watershed hydrology.  The Rainwater Resource Partnership offers trainings for local and regional water planners, contractors, neighborhood organizations, homeowners, and those concerned with water scarcity.  We seek to provide industry-leading, solution oriented courses for water management at scales ranging from rooftop to riverbed.