Reese Baker--The RainCatcherReese Baker, owner and founder of The RainCatcher Inc., is a certified permaculture designer who has been involved with green building, organic farming, water harvesting, erosion control, ecological restoration and permaculture in the Santa Fe area for over 15 years. He holds a B.S. in Biology/Botany from The University of New Mexico and is currently involved in independent research focusing on the importance of soil ecology in high desert ecosystems.

Reese was on the board of directors for the Santa Fe Watershed Association, and the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Committee.  He has also taught classes on water harvesting, permaculture, and erosion control at Ecoversity, Plants of the Southwest, Santa Fe Preparatory School, Quivira Coalition, Earthworks Institute, Arboretum Tome, Permaculture Institute and Santa Fe Community College.

The RainCatcher Inc. is a full service design/build company that focuses on the principles of sustainability and how they are utilized in the southwestern U.S.  Following the code of ethics set forth by the permaculture principle (care of earth, care of people, sharing surplus) The RainCatcher uses the implementation of water harvesting, water catchment systems, edible/sustainable landscapes, irrigation, wastewater treatment and reuse, erosion control and restoration to achieve these goals.

Reese enjoys spending time with his family, friends and community.   As a hobby he studies classical piano with internationally renound composer and performer, Dr. Falko Steinbach, professor of piano at The University of New Mexico.  He is an avid gardener, and loves to be outdoors and in the mountains camping and snowboarding.  In his spare time, he is working as a board member of Madres de Oro, a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching permaculture techinques, the implementation and design in the small community of Ribera, NM.


Aaron Kauffman--Southwest Urban HydrologyOriginally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Aaron Kauffman has over ten years experience analyzing and implementing simple and pragmatic solutions to watershed degradation.  Aaron has a broad background in land management including reforestation projects in the Dominican Republic, monitoring and evaluation of pre- and post-fire erosion rates in oak savanna and ponderosa pine environments, and stream restoration in Arizona and New Mexico.  Aaron has also developed and taught community workshops and courses, including a Watershed Management class as part of the Sustainable Technologies program at the Santa Fe Community College.  More recently, he has dedicated himself to addressing urban watershed issues such as stormwater pollutants, urban heat island effect, and channel degradation from flooding.

Aaron completed his undergraduate degree in Ecological Studies at Seattle University and a received a Master of Science in Watershed Hydrology and Management from the University of Arizona.  He founded Southwest Urban Hydrology LLC in 2012.


Jeremiah KiddJeremiah Kidd’s work is directed by Permaculture Principles – a whole system science based approach to design. He is a certified Permaculture Designer and is an accredited and certified Rainwater Catchment Professional through ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association).  His designs aim to mimic natural systems, meet site needs with resources available on-site, and infiltrate rainwater while minimizing evaporation. He has taught and consulted on several projects in the USA, Africa, Central America and Asia. Prior to establishing San Isidro Permaculture, Jeremiah was a partner at Living Structures, Inc., a permaculture-based design/installation green building firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Established in 2000, San Isidro Permaculture is a design and installation company focused on water catchment, grey water systems, native and edible plant landscapes, erosion control, and land restoration. San Isidro Permaculture has served Santa Fe and the surrounding area working for the private sector, federal and local governments, the film industry, and commercial projects. San Isidro Permaculture projects have included restoration of the historic Santa Fe Trail as well as large-scale erosion control in the Los Alamos Watershed after the fires of 2000.




Craig Sponholtz -- Watershed ArtisansCraig Sponholtz started working to restore his own thirty acres of high desert watershed in1995 and has since continued to experiment and refine techniques to improve the productivity of degraded lands.   He earned a Masters Degree in Agro-Ecological Restoration from Prescott College and a Permaculture Designer’s Certificate at the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia. He spent a decade expanding his knowledge of landscape processes by working throughout the western U.S. with the USDA Forest Service in wildland fire management and prescribed fire use.  Craig has had comprehensive training in numerous stream and wetland restoration methods including Natural Channel Design and Induced Meandering and continuously learns new techniques to incorporate into his work and teaching.

Craig founded Dryland Solutions in 2003, and re-named his company Watershed Artisans, Inc. in 2014 to reflect his unique approach to land restoration and the diverse landscapes he works in.  He continues to design and construct erosion control, stream and wetland restoration projects throughout the Southwestern U.S. and beyond.  He is an expert heavy equipment operator specializing in low impact construction techniques and the creation of artistic and functional in-stream structures.  His work is widely recognized for it’s aesthetic beauty and he has several projects in public parks and gardens in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Tucson Arizona that are as much art as they are restoration.

Craig teaches land restoration, passive water harvesting and erosion control techniques internationally and strives to foster beneficial relationships between people and the watersheds they live in.



Rich Schrader, Director of River Source, is a watershed planner and scientist that supports people living as good stewards of their watersheds by providing science and policy education, ecological monitoring and design, and planning and facilitation.  He provides watershed, fisheries, erosion control, and revegetation training and education to youth and adults throughout New Mexico.  He holds a Masters in Natural Resource Planning from the University of New Mexico and has lived in Santa Fe since 1992.  He has received training and practice in Induced Meandering from Bill Zeedyk.


Key Partners



Watershed Management Group (WMG) develops community-based solutions to ensure the long-term prosperity of people and health of the environment. They provide people with the knowledge, skills, and resources for sustainable livelihoods.  Rainwater Resource Partnership and WMG are collaborating on complementary curricula and accreditation for advanced water harvesting certification.